Introducing the monitor tiles

The monitor is your new best friend while managing your waiting rooms. It will keep you informed of everything you need to know about the state of things.

Here we will focus on the tiles.Monitor_presentation_marked.png

The 3 tile types:

  • Regular tile
  • Flip tile
  • Double tile

1. Regular tile


The regular tile has a header and a value. The value will auto format to K/M-values once the values become big enough. Read more in "Autoformatting"-section.

2. Flip tile


The flip tile has 2 sides, but will only show one at a time.

Clicking the "Flip button" will switch side, and thereby changing the header and the value displayed.

3. Double tile


The double tile displays 2 values at once - always a total value and a "per minute"-value.
The total value is the total for this waiting room, and the "per minute"-value, is the value for the last minute.


Hovering over a tile will display tooltips of the precise value, and will often be used when values have been auto formatted, or when looking at a double tile.
Read more in "Autoformatting"-section.

See examples of different tooltips:


Tile values will automatically format to K/M-values as the value increases, so even when your waiting rooms have had a lot of activity, they will be formatted to be displayed inside the tiles.

Symbol   scale Formatted Actual value
K : thousand 5.38K 5381
M : million 265.8M 265.832.732

Precision is needed to be higher with smaller numbers.

That is why 5.38K has 2 decimals, and 265.8M doesn't.

1 char before the decimal point gives precision 2, and more numbers will result in 1 decimal point in precision.

How to use the data

We have done a lot of work to group the tiles by data relevancy, and it is important to understand how to use the data.

Notice that combining the values in the red circles makes a flow of data:
(SafetyNet Outflow + Queue Outflow = Total Outflow). These values are the total values for the waiting room and will always increase.

Combining the values in the orange circles gives the same flow of data, but these values are the "per minute"-values for the waiting room. So these values are for the last minute and will increase and decrease.

Do you want to read more about what the different tiles are used for, then please read the article "How to understand the monitor tiles".

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